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Conceptual rendering of Wilson McLaughlin House with new East entrance
conceptual rendering: Monterey Community Center w/ East entrance

Octoberfest: October 12, 2013

Between 400 - 500 people joined us at the Community Center property for a day of fun - music, wacky events, food, beer, tours of house and garden, and that good ol' community feeling.

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Thank you all for your participation; we all had a wonderful time.

Fundraising Campaign

The fundraising campaign is going very well! Check out the "fundraising thermometer" on the Funds page. We are about halfway there.

We received a HUGE boost when the May 4, 2013, Town Meeting voted to contribute $45,000 to our campaign. A matching-funds grant from the Turkeybush Foundation in March 2012 kicked off our Capital Camapaign, and then at the 2012 Town Meeting the citizens voted to support us with $10,000 of Town funds. We are very grateful and also strengthened by the enthusiasm shown at the meeting.

Our fundraising goal for the renovation of the house is a total of $225,000. Please see the Plans page for more details and for links to documents such as cost estimates, budget projections, timeline and work list.

Please make your checks to FWMH and mail to: FWMH, PO Box 302, Monterey, MA 01245.   OR

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The Monterey Community Center is a joint project between the townspeople of Monterey, MA, and the Friends of Wilson McLaughlin House, Inc. (FWMH), a private, non-profit corporation formed for the express purpose of creating the Center in the spirit of Edith L. Wilson's bequest to the Town.

FWMH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; all donations are fully tax-deductible.
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Progress began in early January, 2014, on work specified by our structural engineer: repairing the foundation, adding a concrete partial wall, footings and floor, and replacing the old moisture-damaged subfloor assembly and subfloor.

The work is being done by Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc, Middletown, CT, who were the low bidders for this contract, and whose experience and reputation in this kind of work are unparallelled.

The cold and snow prevented work in February and early March - not the best conditions for pouring concrete - and the crew is scheduled to return to work in mid-March.

The W-M House

It was incredibly dusty and noisy, and at times seemed endless, but we did it!

Over the final weekends of October and then early November, volunteer work parties put on an amazing show of support and willingness to get into the dustpiles. We stripped all the plaster and lath off the walls and ceilings of both floors of the house and fit the debris into two dumpsters. Then in early December we pulled out all the old obsolete electric wiring. What remains is the proud and sturdy post and beam frame, ready for hoisting and repairs (still wrapped in tarps to keep the weather out). Next will be fixing the foundation, replacing the main floor supports, replacing frame members where necessary, installing braces and trusswork to support the ceiling of the main floor, and installing insulated wall panels along with new windows to complete the 'closein' of the house.

FWMH completed the repair and reshingling of the roof of the Wilson-McLaughlin House in 2009. In 2011 we hired professionals to remove all traces of hazardous materials such as asbestos, and the removal of the lead contaminated wood in the house was completed in May 2013. Please see photos on the Progress page.

Community Garden

The Community Garden, between the house and Main Rd (Rt 23) in the field that you glimpse as you drive by, has been bountiful since its inception in 2010. Plots are used by citizens and by the Monterey Kindergarten, and the vegetables and flowers are fantastic! It's a growing scene...

New gardeners welcome while plots last. See the Garden page (status menu).