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Our Third Annual Octoberfest took place on Saturday, October 10, 2015, from noon to 4:00 p.m.

We're glad you joined us for a family day of fun and enjoyment: brats, hot dogs, desserts, juice, locally-brewed beer, live music, games, pumpkin rolling, touring the Community Center construction progress, and more.

2015 Octoberfest Sponsors:
Prairie Whale   Berkshire Functional Fitness   Berkshire Property Agents     Bidwell Houses Museum     John B. Hull, Inc.     Karen Allen Fiber Arts

Watch the Video!

Here is a link to YouTube video (3 minutes) of a walkthrough tour of the MCC, construction zone and all.

Community Garden Water Supply

The garden now has a water supply for the first time. We collect rainwater from the Community Center roof, pass it through a filter to remove any contaminants, and store it in a large fiberglass cistern. The tank is uphill from the garden so we have gravity feed and pressure in our faucets at the garden. Admittedly the current setup is a bit temporary until construction on the center has been completed. At that time we will be able to install a more permanent set of pipes from the gutters down to the tank, and also to create a level platform for the tank to rest upon.

Fundraising Campaign

The Over the Threshold phase of our Capital Campaign is now under way, as we raise money to finance the final construction details. Check out the "fundraising thermometer" on the Funds page. We are more than 80% of the way there.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed items to and/or purchased items at our tag sale fundraiser this summer. Proceeds from the tag sale amounted to enough to finance the building of the new kitchen in the center.

MA Cultural CouncilWe received a huge boost when in the summer of 2014 we received word that we have been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council from their Capital Facilities Fund.

Our best estimates point to our needing about an additional $40,000 to open our doors. We will be posting more information about our budget projections, timeline, etc, quite soon.

Please make your checks to FWMH and mail to: FWMH, PO Box 302, Monterey, MA 01245.   OR

Secure Online Donation by Credit Card or PayPal account Make a secure online donation.

Conceptual rendering of Wilson McLaughlin House with new East entrance
conceptual rendering: Monterey Community Center w/ East entrance

The Monterey Community Center is a joint project between the townspeople of Monterey, MA, and the Friends of Wilson McLaughlin House, Inc. (FWMH), a private, non-profit corporation formed for the express purpose of creating the Center in the spirit of Edith L. Wilson's bequest to the Town.

FWMH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; all donations are fully tax-deductable.
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Over the Threshold Campaign

All 27 new windows for the Community Center have now been sponsored. These are new energy-efficient, double-hung windows, with wood frames clad on the exterior with prepainted weather-resistant coating, which have now been installed in the building.

We are still welcoming donations toward the final construction of the center. Click the secure Donate button to make your contribution (lower left of this page).

Structural Repairs

Repairs of the first floor structure and subfloor were completed by April 2014, and the second floor supports and structural steel reinforcements were installed in July 2014. In January 2015 we erected the structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walls and installed the windows. During the summer of 2015 we continued with rough plumbing and wiring, installing the electric service, and creating exterior soffit and eave structures with gutters. In addition the concrete work was done for the architect-designed entryway for the new east-facing doorway. Now the entryway has been built, doors are going in, and the high-efficiency sprayed insulation has been applied to the roofs and to the basement walls.

See the progress page for photos.

Community Garden

The Community Garden, between the house and Main Rd (Rt 23) in the field that you glimpse as you drive by, has been bountiful since its inception in 2010. Plots are used by citizens and by the Monterey Kindergarten, and the vegetables and flowers are fantastic! It's a growing scene...

New gardeners welcome while plots last. See the Garden page (status menu).