Community Garden History

The idea for a community garden on the Wilson McLaughlin property came from Monterey gardening expert Ruth Green in 2009. She approached the FWMH board with the proposal, and the project was born immediately.

The following spring we laid out the garden perimeter, Mark Little plowed the ground, we cleared some brussh and built a fence to keep the critters out. From the first garden year (2010) to now, Monterey gardeners have benefited from this opportunity. After a few years of struggling without adequate water supply, Kenn Basler and Joe Baker teamed up to design and build a system for collecting rain water from the community center roof in large tubs which are slightly uphill from the garden, so that there is gravity-fed water now to the water tanks within the garden fence.

For the first few springs the gardeners held a seedling and plant sale on Memorial Day weekend with the assistance of Stephen Enoch and the Gould Farm Greenhouse crew, who planted and raised most of the seedlings for the sale.

Currently one of the 18 garden plots used by Cora Baker to grow vegetables for a nearby free lunch program, and two plots are used as nursery beds for a Native Planting initiative which will supply native perennials for plantings on Town property.

In spring of 2019 we benefited from the generosity of the local Greenager program when on two occasions a vanload of secondary school children descended on the garden for weeding, tidying, and installing two pre-cut raised beds including soil.