Holding your event:

  • The MCC Coordinator or a Committee member will meet with you beforehand to make sure you know where everything is located, how it works, and how to leave things when you are finished.
  • At the discretion of the Committee , a Committee member may be present at any time during your event.
  • The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any event based on content.
  • Use the checklist below for “When you leave” at the conclusion of your event. You may use the refrigerator for items during your event, but please remove and take away anything you brought.

Use Policies:

  • Absolutely no smoking, illegal drugs, open flames (candles, fires, lamps), incense or other burning materials
  • Alcohol allowed only with a permit from the Town of Monterey.
  • Our Occupancy Limit of 49 persons must be strictly observed, per order of the Building Inspector.
  • Because we have no handicap access to the second floor or basement, these areas are not open to the public; please respect this posting.
  • Adult supervision required at all events.
  • Parking: if the lot fills you may park off to the side of the upper part of the loop; keep the drive clear.
  • The Bulletin Board is for MCC use only.
  • Decorations: use sticky putty if you need to attach to the walls. Remove all decorations at the conclusion of your event. No glitter please.
  • Trash: Monterey has a strictly enforced recycling policy. Please use the appropriate receptacles for any trash generated. Take any bulky items away with you.
  • Damage: you will be expected to pay the cost of repair or replacement of anything you break.
  • Please report any malfunction or equipment failure so we can get it taken care of.
  • The Town of Monterey does not allow gambling on the premises.
  • Please keep dogs and all other pets outside, except of course that service animals are permitted inside.

When you leave:

  • Check the thermostat – set to 55 degrees
  • Confirm that no water is running (kitchen, bathroom)
  • Turn off all lights
  • Remove anything you left in the refrigerator
  • Remove any bulky trash items
  • Leave everything cleaned, picked up and put away (folding tables and chairs, etc.)
  • Follow instructions from the MCC Committee about locking the door

Click to download a copy of the MCC Policies.