Q: Is there a cost for me to use the Community Center for a meeting I want to hold about writing a journal?

A: If you are a Monterey resident or landowner, there is no charge, though donations are always appreciated. See the Use Fees page.


Q: I would like to hold a dinner party for extended family from out of town. Is the Community Center available for such an event?

A: Yes, it is. However, you should consider the fact that we have only a small kitchenette in the MCC, and there is no stove, only one microwave. If you bring in all your food pre-cooked and pre-warmed, it should work out for you.


Q: My dog is small and very well-behaved, and she travels everywhere with me. Can I bring her with me to a meeting with my friends in the MCC?

A: Sorry, you’ll have to leave your dog at home or in your car. We don’t allow any dogs but service dogs inside the building.