Community Center Timeline

  Summer 1995: Edith L. Wilson passes away  
  May 1996: Town of Monterey votes to accept her bequest of house
and 28.6 acres of land
  1996 – 2004 Wilson McLaughlin House committee researches various options; addition is removed from house; personnel on committee change with the years  
  Summer 2004: Current WMH committee formulates Community Center plan, non-profit corporation  
  December 2004: Friends of Wilson McLaughlin House, Inc. (FWMH) incorporation papers filed  
  January 2005: FWMH corporation recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts  
  April 2005: FWMH granted tax-exempt status by the IRS ( 501(c)(3) non-profit status )  
  May 2005: Town of Monterey votes to lease the house to FWMH for the purpose of creating a Community Center  
  December 2005: Monterey Select Board and FWMH sign 5-year lease with option to renew  
  January 2006: FWMH circulates Request for Proposal from architects for Community Center design  
  March 2006: FWMH hires Clark & Green Architects, Great Barrington, MA  
  Spring 2006: FWMH raises “seed money” from citizens and BTCF Grant  
  August 2006: FWMH holds Tag Sale and George Packer Lecture fundraisers; Monterey Piecemakers initiate creation of a quilt to be auctioned as fundraiser  
  August 2006: FWMH presents renovation plan for house with addition  
  October 2006: Monterey Piecemakers quilt is auctioned  
  December 2006: FWMH requests Select Board petition Probate Court for relief from provision of will  
  January 2007: Select Board initiates petition of Probate Court  
  May 2008: Probate Court hearing and decision: Town may build a different structure if desired  
  Summer/Fall 2008: FWMH researches requirements and costs for main floor renovation  
  December 2008: FWMH votes to undertake renovation of main floor of house only  
  February 2009: FWMH submits Building Permit Application for the renovation  
  March 2009: Building Inspector determines that Special Permit required since the property lies in the Agricultural-Residential District, and the Community Center would be a municipal use  
  June 2009: Building Inspector gives Building Permit for repair/reshingling of roof  
  July 2009: FWMH submits Special Permit Application to ZBA on behalf of the Town (since the property belongs to the Town, and the entire property will be used for municipal purposes)  
  July 2009: Roof repair and reshingling complete  
  October 2009: ZBA Special Permit Hearing and Decision – permit granted for Community Center use of property  
  November 2009: Planning begins for the Community Garden, to open Spring 2010  
  April 2010: Community Garden marked, plowed, fertilized and fenced.
Gardening begins.
  May 2010: Town Meeting votes funding for driveway and parking area construction  
  May 2010: Community Garden holds Seedling Sale with seedling-growing assistance from Gould Farm  
  Summer 2010: Community Garden thrives, crops are bountiful  
  December 2010: FWMH signs additional 5-year lease with Town of Monterey  
  April 2011: Second gardening season begins in the Community Garden  
  July 2011: New driveway completed by Monterey Road Crew  
  August 2011: Hazardous materials removal completed  
  October 2011: First Community Center Fun Day  
  February 2012: Fundraising campaign underway: matching grant from Turkeybush Foundation  
  May 2012: Townspeople vote to support our Capital Campaign with $10,000 award  
  May 2012: 3rd Annual Plant and Seedling Sale at Commnity Garden  
  Summer ’12 – Winter ’13: mail Capital Campaign material, solicitation of funds, research contractors  
  Feb 2013: solicit lead removal bids  
  May 2013: Lead paint removal complete  
  May 2013: Townspeople vote to support our Capital Campaign with $45,000 award  
  October 2013: Octoberfest 2013  
  Sep & Dec 2103: solicit basement/subfloor bids; fundraising continues  
  January 2014: basement/subfloor work begins, then suspended due to cold weather  
  Feb/Mar 2014: prepare & submit grant application to Massachusetts Cultural Council Capital Facilities Fund  
  April 2014: basement/subfloor work complete; contract for frame repair; install gutters to catch rain water for use in community garden  
  May – Sept 2014: architect Steve McAlister works on drawings, specs  
  June 2014: award of $40,000 grant from MA Cultural Council Cultural Facilities Fund  
  September 2014: Installation of structural steel beams, rods. New stairway, 2nd floor joists and plywood installed.  
  October 2014: Octoberfest 2014
Order SIP (structural insulated panels) for walls; prepare building for SIP installation. Start Buy a Window campaign.
  November – December 2014: Buy a Window campaign successful – 27 windows purchased!  
  Winter 2015: Install SIP panels, windows, CLOSE IN.  
  Spring – Summer 2015: plumbing, electrical, interior carpentery, create soffits & prepare walls for siding, exterior drainage, footings for entry pad  
  October 2015: Octoberfest 2015
frame entryway; spray foam insulation basement and top floor.
  November-December 2015: Interior insulation, sheetrock main floor ceilings and walls, paint interior.  
  January – May 2016: Furnace installed; heat on! Interior carpentry, second floor wall, ceiling, sheetrock.  
  May 2016: Town Meeting awards $40,000 toward completion; MA Cultural Council awards $25,000.  
  June – July 2016: Kitchen and bath tiles installed, cabinets & counterop with sink. Interior carpentry.  
  August – September 2016: Exterior siding and trim complete, paint. Final plumbing work. Landscaping, groundswork, septic system installed, pathways constructed.  
  Fall 2016: Interior carpentry: custom stairway installed, finish window and door trim. Interior details  
  Winter2016-2017: Install oak flooring, build stair railings, final electrical work. FINAL INSPECTIONS.  
  April 12, 2017: Certificate of Occupancy granted. The MCC is officially open to the public. Monterey Council on Aging holds first public event that very day with a Stretch Class attended by six Monterey seniors.